Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another peaceful night...

Ya gotta love living in the country. It is so very peaceful and dark
out here. No traffic noise. No airplanes flying over. Not much to
disturb the crickets and frogs but the occasional dog barking or the
yip yip yip of a faroff coyote.

I am lying on a chaise in my backyard, looking up at a million stars.
My yard is surrounded by trees but open right behind the screen porch
so at night I can lie here and gaze at big sky. Very big. And very
dark. I swear I can see the milky way on a crystal clear night like
tonight. I've laid out here so often that I have learned to tell time
by the location of the constellations. I think it is my favorite
place. Well, except maybe for Slink Shoals the way it used to be.
Nothing like sleeping next to a running river. But that is another
story, for another time.

Nothing like the night sky. I lie here pondering my next project, and
wondering when I might finish my current one. I wonder if anyone is
interested in my comics. The first book I put together sold like
crazy. But that was a very long time ago. Even before the internets.
Remember back then?? When we advertised in weeklies and magazines.
Hmmm. I do.

Time for bed. Critique at nine tomorrow morning. Every Wednesday. But
that's ok.

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