Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jonathan Adler's naked ladies

So I got to meet Jonathan Adler at the July Gift show at AmericasMart Atlanta. I had read in the show program that he would be giving a seminar during the show.  I've always really liked Adler, ever since I first run across his Quaalude Jar several years ago.  I figured anyone who would make such a thing as a Quaalude jar must have a wonderful sense of whimsy .

Seeing him in person was really big fun, he's just as fun and fabulous in real life as I imagined he would be.  He told us stories about his younger days, when  he couldn't manage to hold a job doing anything.  It just came natural that he work for himself, he apparently was not able to work for anyone else.  He basically just gave us an hour long Believe In Yourself pep talk, peppered with anecdotes and personal challenges he had met along his path.  But  he was fun to listen to, very charismatic and an engaging speaker.

I was browsing his website just today, and what did I find!  A harmless little link, called appropriately enough- Hardcore Crafts.  Little did I realize that hardcore, meant ...ahem, ... just that. Well, not really. i  mean there are boobs and butts, and phallically suggestive banana bud vases, but nothing I'd call really hardcore.   Just the same - i love it.  The naked lady pillows, the cookie jar covered in boobs with a mischievous little tongue poking out the top - way more over the top that I expected even from Adler.

I'm  loving  it...

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