Tuesday, July 27, 2010

catching up...

been a while since I visited.  I've been working hard at getting not much done.  Unfortunately.

My job is going pretty good.  Been very busy there lately, but enjoy it most of the time.  I am working on getting quite a few balloons printed right now, so it is very exciting. Stressful, but exciting.

I got to travel to Miami this past June to help the visual merchandising dept set up our booth at the International Floriculture show, formerly SuperFloral.  It was my first time to get to go, and I enjoyed it immensely. It was great to walk into the miami convention center, find it almost empty then work like a dog for two days,watching the show arrive and set up.  Two days.  That's all it took to transform the big empty space into a jungle of potted plants bedding plants, cut flowers, containers, and all sorts of floral and garden accoutrements.

Monday afternoon flowers start arriving. 

By early Tuesday evening, our space is just about complete.  We go scrounging around the center for plants and flowers to decorate our booth. There are thousands of extras already being discarded. So many beautiful flowers and plants, it would break your heart.  The show opens bright & early Wednesday morning and thankfully, everything is in place are ready to go.

We walked the show wednesday for half a day, then we are done!  Back to the Doubletree Surfcomber to gather our things.  The rest of the visual team has flown on to the next gig; Erin is leaving Wed. afternoon. We walked on the beach for a bit, walked around the immediate neighborhood then back to the hotel to catch her shuttle to the airport. 

 I caught a cab to south beach and checked into the Starlite Hotel for the rest of the week.  The Starlite is a relic of yesterday, one of the wonderful old beachfront hotels that has not been updated yet.  It is one of the cheapest places to stay on ocean drive. Not luxe by no  means, but great location and a decent place to shower and sleep.