Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's dark...

I've been playing around with sketching on black paper, with colored pencils.   I like the way it has turned out. I like the black and white ones better than the colored ones.

Anyway,  I think I will start selling a few of my sketches on etsy again.  I used to sell art on  ebay and etsy, but I quit a while back.  I need to raise money for a home repair, so I guess I'd better get busy trying to make a little $$$. Plus, I have hundreds and hundreds of sketch book pages.  Do you think I could sell them at like $5-10 each?  Guess it doesn't hurt to try.

Here's one of the ones I scanned.  I think I'll list it on etsy at $10, with free shipping.

Original Colored Pencil Drawing - Cowgirl on Black Paper

This is an original colored pencil sketch, showing a healthy young woman riding a horse in the desert - completely nude. Don't ask me why she would do such a thing, I would think she'd get terribly sunburned. But anyway, there she is in all her robust glory. 

The drawing measures 9" x 12" and is drawn on black Strathmore medium weight, lightly textured, acid free drawing paper. 

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  1. This one's cool. Surreal too. And naked girl on a horse? Pretty self-explanatory.