Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another week gone by

Been an interesting week. Good and bad. I've been bedridden all week after
an injury last Saturday. I pulled my back working in the yard. Made the
mistake of going to work on Monday, too. I think if I had rested it one more
day it would have been much better. It was pretty tore up Monday evening
when I got home from work. I can lay down and sit up, but finding it very
very difficult to stand and walk. I've been out of work all week, but I
think I am going in tomorrow morning. My back still hurts, and I cannot
walk upright, but as long as I can get to my desk, I can get some work done.
Should be an interesting day. Let's hope it is uneventful.

The good part of being home all week is I've got some drawing done. Being
in bed or sitting somewhere 'round the clock gave me plenty of time to work
out some things on paper. I also got some work done for Craftstravaganzaa.
So it has been a pretty productive week, actually. Pretty cool to be able to
work from bed. I guess it's cool if you WANT to, but not so cool if you HAVE
to do it. It would have been awesome to be able to work from home while
I've been here; I would certainly not be walking (or hobbling) back into the
maelstrom awaiting me tomorrow. And I am still not sure if we have a 6 or
6:30 am critique tomorrow.

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