Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Freaky Tiki Party

I am expecting guests for the Labor Day Weekend. We are looking forward to a Luau Pool Party, either Saturday or Sunday night.  I can't decided- I think I want to go out and run Downtown Athens Saturday night, but then Sunday night is terrible for a party.  I guess I will ask Dawn what she thinks. It is, after all, her birthday party.   She is driving in from Greensboro NC and several more friends are coming in from Nashville TN to celebrate Dawns birthday Tiki Style!

What are some good food recipes for Tiki a party?  Drinks?  I've got all kinds of rum, and am going to also purchase some flavored rums for the party.  We've really grown to like banana rum and coconut rum.  Of course, on our last trip to Vegas, we discovered cherry rum.  Boy oh boy is that stuff good mixed with a little Coke.

So, anyone have any suggestions for Tiki party recipes?  I am running out of time to plan.

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