Friday, September 10, 2010

Intention of 5 meters is chosen high.

Nighttime again. I am sitting outside listening to the crickets and frogs.

It's been a long day. I had a critique meeting at 6:30 am  we usually do on fridays.

Our team is preparing to go to the Orient for product development and to meet with some of our vendors. It is a very busy time in the art dept, after our  critique the entire collection of artists went to work collecting  and organize all of the art files and reference materials the travel team was to carry along. 

It is a lot of artwork, computers, a printer, supplies plus enough to live out of a small suitcase for two to three weeks. I do not envy them this job, it is an exhausting endeavor. The plane ride is 22-23 hours. Then travel in country can be hours more in vans or small planes. China is a vast land, the factories and showrooms scattered throughout mountainous terrain or packed into crowded cities. 

In Guangzhou, where we visited the Canton Fair, there are highways stacked three and four high - five or six stories high. It was pretty scary for me to look out the window of the smoke belching bus I was on and see that the guardrail on the elevated highway was several feet below my window. I don't even like driving on bridges, so you can imagine my terror at riding for miles on an elevated roadbed. Good view from up there, though. You can see right down into the backyards and courtyards and parking areas of building after tenement apartment after brand new highrise. The city of Guangzhou goes on for miles and miles. And more miles. On elevated highways.

My trip to China is something I will never forget. Screaming through the Shanghai night in the back seat of a taxi, sketching out plush penguins for a vendor meeting the next day is pure adrenalin. So many exciting and strangely wonderous things to see. So interesting to visit factories and see where the products are made.

Anyway, we got everything squared away for the trip. I worked 5 hours overtime this week (salaried) but walked out of there finally knowing that the task is done. The team heads for the airport Monday morning and the art dept will get back to normal.

Until they return...

oh, and if you are wondering  about the title of this post.... I have no idea what it means. 

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