Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And then comes Halloween in Athens...

The Wild Rumpus Halloween Spectacle -

October is probably my favorite month. The air is cooler and crisp, and somehow even smells a little fresher. The sky takes on the particularly vibrant shade of cyan, and the sun shines golden. October brings the Harvest Moon, probably the prettiest full moon of the year.

Then comes Halloween in Athens.

Athens is a writhing hotbed of creative energy, chock full of musicians, writers, artists and 30,000+ University of Georgia students who are drooling eager to taste all the frivolity and carnality that life can offer. Their seething spirits cannot help but erupt from the simmering cauldron of creativity every Halloween, transforming Athens from small southern college town to a raucous run through the street spook-tacular. Artists, musicians, townies and thousands of University of Georgia students take to the streets, in their sexiest, most outlandish and creative attire. The throngs take over the town, meeting, greeting, drinking and dancing long into the blackest night, until the first pink rays of dawn touch the sky and beckon all the monsters to seek shelter from the coming day.

 Local favorite musician Timi Conley has again  brought us the Third Annual Wild Rumpus Halloween Parade. Envisioned as a wild-in-the-street spectacle parading through the wicked streets of Athens, organizers are inviting those with a creative spirit and daring sense of fun to come and join the party.

The parade will consist of groups of people organized as Brigades - groups of paraders with a common theme. At intervals the parade will stop and the various Brigades will perform their music, dance or whatever craziness they have conjured up. The Brigades already committed are listed on the Wild Rumpus website. People are invited to join an existing Brigade, or gather their friends and form their own.

If you are in the Athens area on Sat. October 29th, join the freaks and geeks on the west side (40watt area) around 8pm for the beginning of the festivities.  We'll march around town, acting fools, then end up at the Georgia Theatre for the AfterParty to end all.  

The only thing that even remotely sucks about this whole deal...we have to catch an 8.15am flight out of Atlanta the next morning.  Guess I won't be running the streets all night after all. 

Wild Rumpus Halloween Parade and Spectacle.

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