Monday, October 26, 2009

Lovin' the cooler weather...

Loving this cooler weather we are having here in Athens. The  leaves are starting to show some real color now, the air is brisk at night and I can leave the windows open at night and enjoy the chill.  I find myself sitting outside a lot at night, staring into the clear black sky, filled with stars and a sliver of a crescent moon.   It is quiet where I live,  save for the rustling of the animals in the woods behind the house or the occasional pack of coyotes yelping to each other.

The neighboring subdivision development  that stalled and now sits empty has become home to more than one pack. I hear them yipping and yelping back and forth to each other at night.  It is a chilling sound.

I have been in the studio drawing for several days now. I have been working hard on drawing panels for a comic series/graphic novel. I've been working on the stories and character development for a while, but I have just begun to make the actual drawings. It is taking longer than I hoped it would, but I am proud of what I am producing.  I'll let you meet  my characters along the way if you are interested.

This illustration I call  - Full Cold Moon

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