Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just got back from NYC. Went to a gallery opening in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. My girl Dana Jo had her first NYC gallery show. We travelled with 5 other friends and stayed in Williamsburg, near Bedford. I really like the place we stayed, and hope we can get the same apt next time.

We had a really great time, ran all over the city for four straight days. Met some interesting people, found some great clubs and the thrift stores were incredible.

We visited central park, dipped our toes in the fountain, watched a concert then exited near 59th. Walked past the Plaza hotel and saw the trailers and lights and crew working on a scene for the new Sex in the City 2 movie. We stuck around for a minute to see what the crowd was hangin' around for, but got bored and moved on.

Saturday my sis and I went to Battery park, then rode the ferry to Liberty Island. After that, caught the D train to Coney Island. Looks like it might have been awesome once, but is past it now. Could be a great bar crawl, but the bars close at 9 pm and THERE ARE NO BATHROOMS. Yes, you read right, beer galore and the public restroom is locked up at 6 pm. One bar was for customers only, but guess what, a private party with a $20 cover. No thanks. The next boardwalk bar had a restroom, but oh what fun - it is OUT OF ORDER. Finally a lonesome looking homeless guy laying on the boardwalk told us that there was a restroom down by the Wonder Wheel. Off we go. Ok, he was right, there IS a bathroom, it costs a quarter to get in, it is dirty and there's no tissue. Ok, emergency handled for now, so back down the boardwalk to find more beer. We land at a sandy beachy place called Beer Island. Nice folks here and t hey have portapotties out back. Lots of them. Wish I had known that before scrambling back down the block to the dark and dirty paytoilet.

Dana bought a bottle of sangria from beer island and we made our way back to the train station. She brought paper cups so we thought we'd h ave a little belt on the train home. Bad choice - we broke out the wine and cups, then noticed an off duty nypd on the car. oops. So, on the next stop we hopped off the car and ran back to the next one. Next stop, one more car back. Two cars back is far enough. Out comes the sangria and the cups and 2 minutes later we are toasting new york!! I'm sure we were quite a sight, laughing and taking pics and acting fools. We caught the attention of a young man on the train - his name was Isreal - Izzy. We shared our wine with him; he told us we looked like farmers. How did h e know we were from the south? right. He invited us to a big gallery party; we actually planned to go, but once we got back to our apartment plans quickly changed, several times. There were more invitations and things to see and do than we had time for. You know how it is.

Anyway, we flew to Atlanta on sunday, and drove back to Athens, GA. Traveling is great, but it is always sweet to come home and snuggle in your own bed.

I've been working on some new pinup style stuff, hope to debut it soon. friend me on facebook if you like, just search for cynthiapendley.

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