Friday, August 23, 2013

I think I'm done for this day...

I think it's all good. I think I've bought everything I need to carry.  We will go shopping for things we cannot fly with once we get to vegas. I hope I can unload that stuff once we get back to vegas. I think I'll post ads for some of the items on Craigslist and backpage. I will use it for a week then sell it for half off.  That's the plan anyway.   

I'm tired and have to get up early again tomorrow.  I have a lot to do this weekend. In the morning, bright and early I'm taking a truck load of holiday decor samples to a big yard sale.  I hope I cn unload one of these things, I need the pace and the cash will come in handy next week. 

Goodnight,  I think I'm done for this day.  

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