Monday, January 23, 2012

De-Hoarding, or why kindle books rule.

I'm at a crossroads. Tonight I bought my first kindle books. It was a tough decision to skip the hard bounds, ESP on the Stephen King books. I've collected books for so long, I have a room length bookshelf on one wall in my den, with at least three of those shelves full of King hard bound books. I have and do read them. It was tough choice for me, but I'm committed this spring to getting shed of all this extra crap around the house, to lighten my load for a new phase of my life. My daughter is going to college and will be graduating in about 2years. This big house and yard have to go. I don't want all this any more. Too normal... boring. I'm really liking the tiny house movement. I want to be more mobile, less tied down.
Anyway, I opted for the ebooks. Amazon stores them for you, plus with an amazon account, you get 5G free storage on their cloud drive. Apple offers the same. I can see the clutter falling away already. And I like it.

Guess I'll be selling off my books soon.

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