Monday, October 18, 2010

GA Skies airline has ditched me in Nashville.

Ok guess what?? GA Skies just cancelled my TUESDAY flight. What am I
supposed to do?

How can they get away with that?? Today they said it was an
"operational schedule change". Then they cited mechanical reasons for
Tuesdays cancellation but I don't believe it. Both times I talked to
their rep (after sitting on hold) he told me I was the only one booked
on the flight. I very strongly suspect that they just do not want to
make the trip for one person.

Can they just ditch me like this? How can this be legal?? I've
incurred several hundred dollars additional expenses- hotel, car, gas,
plus lost wages because they just left me here. I guess I will extend
the car rental AGAIN and drive back tomorrow.

Do I have any rights for compensation?

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